Our company has been designing and manufacturing watches for architectural, commercial and public applications since 1985. We manufacture indoor clocks, large-scale outdoor clocks and skeletal clocks with great care and personal attention to detail. Our timepieces are created using the most advanced methods and top quality movement mechanisms.

Our controllers make tower clock maintenance and use easier than ever, with features such us:

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Automatic change between summer/winter time
  • Automatic time adjustment after power outage
  • Automatic control of tower clock illumination at sunset and sunrise
  • Ability to ring time with one or more bells (every hour, half hour, quarter)
  • Ability to choose a specific time of the day or night to enable time ringing
  • Ability to adjust the time ringing speed accurately
  • Ability to adjust the volume of bell ringing in combination with Bell Systems ringing mechanisms

Choose one of the dozens of combinations offered by our designers. Create a landmark timepiece with us.