Can we add more bells?

In most cases, adding extra bells is feasible. Although the number and the size of the additional bells will be determined after the inspection of the bell tower by one of our experts.

How can we tell if our bells are safely mounted?

The first visual check that can be done is to look for signs of extensive oxidation in the chains or the structural members that hold the bells in place. Additionally, you can check the connection points of the chain for any loose connections. Contact us for an evaluation of your bells.

What can we use to clean our bells?

Water is the best solution for a light surface cleaning.

Can you install an automatic bell ringing systems in our bells?

Our bell ringing systems are designed to be securely fitted to every bell and every bell tower.

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Can you install a bell ringing system in bells with yokes?

Our bell ringing systems can be installed without affecting the traditional bell ringing, and can work in conjunction with the bell’s yoke.

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Can we manually ring our bells with the traditional clapper after the installation of the automatic bell ringing system?

Our bell ringing systems can be installed externally without the removal of the traditional clapper. The clapper’s function remains unchanged after the installation of the system.

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Can you make our bells easier to operate?

With the installation of our latest systems, automated bell ringing is easier than ever. At the push of a button the bells ringing of your choosing start and stop automatically.

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Can you improve the quality of the bell ringing?

The ability of our stainless steel mechanisms to fine tune each bell to have the ideal volume, in combination with the recorded traditional melodies of our controllers have as a result the improvement of sound and harmony among bells, in each one of our installation.

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What are the components of a bell ringing system?

An automatic bell ringing system consists of 3 main parts:

  • The Bell ringing & Clock controller that contains the melodies and the parameters of the ringing.
  • The relay panel that enables wired communication between the controller and the bell mechanisms.
  • The bell ringing mechanisms.

Can we install a bell ringing system ourselves?

In cases where there is safe access to the bell tower and the project does not require the help of our expertise, our systems can be easily installed by a certified electrician. Our systems do not require specialized tools to be installed.

We have a special service coming up. How quickly can we have a bell ringing systems installed?

Ideally, the installation of an automatic bell ringing system can take place within 1 to 2 business days from the time of the order placement. Contact us and we will immediately inform you of the closest available installation date.


Can you customize the dial of a clock with a custom logo, symbol or text?

Of course, our designers will suggest solutions to find the design and the type of clock that fits perfectly with the desired customization (text, image or logo).

Is internal illumination available in your clocks?

Internal illumination is available on clocks that have dials decorated with Plexiglas or glass. In every other design illumination is achieved externally in combination with the architectural lighting of the building.

What it means that we will create the clock design together?

Before each successful clock installation, we discuss with our clients their ideas and vision and we propose possible solutions based on our experience. Then we proceed to create images where it is shown with great precision the aesthetic result of the finished project on actual photographs of the building or the Church. Upon agreement we proceed to the creation and installation of the ideal timepiece.

How long it takes to design and build a custom timepiece?

Depending on the size and complexity of a particular clock, its design and construction can take anywhere from 15 days to several months.

We want to install a clock in our building but we do not have the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate it. What do we do?

Our company will do the necessary work, depending on the type of the desired clock and the part of the building that the installation will take place.

We already have a tower clock? Can we add more clocks without the need of replacing the movement mechanism?

To operate 2 to 4 clocks simultaneously, a new movement mechanism must be installed.